About us

The new you with Gayalisveris.com.

Our company, with its broad vision and professionalism, philosophy based on customer satisfaction, and the principle of delivering the best quality at the most affordable prices, deemed it necessary to enter into a new structuring and change and grow, and met you again as Gayalisveris.com as of December 2022.

Gayalisveris.com, which is based in Istanbul and continues its preparations for activities in other countries, aims to bring the world's fashion and the latest trends together at a single address and to bring the quality you need to your home.

With its customer-centered policy, Gayalisveris.com aims to keep the customer service standard at the highest level, so that you can have a pleasant shopping in the process from product order to delivery and after-sales support. New season products are sold at affordable prices in our internet store, which has a wide range of products such as underwear, home wear, cosmetics and perfumes.


We are constantly renewing and improving ourselves, both technically and visually. The visuality of our store is as important as its practicality for the user. We believe that we have brought a different understanding to internet merchandising with our simple yet elegant and stylish page designs in terms of making the products easy to find and the pages to be understood.

Our price policy is to reach you with the best quality at the most affordable price, and our prices, which we set without sacrificing quality, are below the retail and other online store prices. This means that at Gayalisveris.com, you can shop around the world with one click at extremely affordable prices.

Gayalisveris.com, which adds a new dimension to online shopping, will take its place among the best and reliable 'brands' even though it is very young.

You will feel the energy, dynamism, passion and excitement of Gayalisveris.com while browsing our site and you will find yourself in a new world.

In short; You will rediscover yourself.